Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas recap

     I don't normally do things like 'Christmas recaps' but this year my sister and I did something really fun and I just had to share :)

     Ok, so I've discovered that my sister doesn't really go in for things as gifts, she's more the kind of person who values experiences. Doing things with other people and making memories. Que Thanksgiving with our two year old cousin who had just gone to build a bear workshop. My sister and I both lamented the fact that our incredibly cruel parents had denied us this clearly magical childhood experience. And then I thought,'huh, why don't I just gift her the build a bear experience we always dreamed of?' So I did.

     We went the day after Christmas to that consumeristic wonderland we here in America call 'The Mall.' But there were a bunch of people in the store of our childish dreams, so we went to Barnes and Noble first for coffee (because, please, I'm not paying sixteen bucks for a lousy paper back. That is a racket, and I will have none of it. But I will pay five bucks for a cup of ice and coffee because it tastes like peppermint, and you're not my mom). And then we went to a calendar and board game store because last year it was in the mall and then it disappeared and no one believed me that it existed, and they all thought I was crazy, and my mom said it was probably the calendar kiosk I remembered, but she was wrong, they were all wrong. It was a store in the mall, it just moved to an outside building sometime between last December 26th and this one. Also I bought a calendar. It's Alphonse Mucha and it glitters. I also bought a D&D starter set because it was ten bucks and awesome. I will now only respond to my character name... I had a story, but I lost it... Oh, there it goes.

     Ok, so, anyways, my sister and I eventually made our way into build a bear and were proudly the oldest builders there by a margin of about eight years. But we did get some very helpful advice from a seven year old with a red panda. So basically it was the magical experience I always suspected it would be. My sister chose a giraffe and I chose a bunny rabbit and we took them and had their little empty bodies filled with fluff, shoved little hearts into their backs, had them all sewn up and made them birth certificates. My sister took home the giraffe Petunia, and I am now the proud owner of Tattycorum the bunny rabbit.

     All that just to say, I think the moral of the story is something like, creative excursions as gifts can be fun, or don't deny your children the glorious experience of creating their own friend, or I wasn't crazy and that store totally exists. Something like that. I hope you all are having very happy Christmases, New Years, and eventual Epiphanies! 

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