Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year and New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year Blogging World!

2014 is now behind us. That whole year was a blur. It feels like so much happened, but when I look back it's hard to remember what all of that much was. My family had graduations, new beginnings, old beginnings, the works. I started my last year of college, and I took my first trip out of the country, which was enough of a big deal on its own. But all of that is but a memory which a shiny new year opening up in front of us.

I love the start of things. Everything is so fresh and new, and nearly anything can happen. 2014 was by no means a bad year, but I'm not sorry to see it go. 2015 promises a lot of excitement! I'm getting the opportunity to do classroom observation at a (semi) local classical school, I have an all Tuesday/Thursday schedule. I graduate in May, I'll (hopefully) have a real job lined up before May. I'm planning on moving out, and adopting my first cat (August 15th, I've set a date, I'm that excited. 32 weeks, and 1 day. It's a big deal.). There's a ton to look forward to!

Anyways, everyone always comes up with new years resolutions, soI thought I'd share some of mine (which was the real point of this post :)

  • Read more: I love to read, and I always have. But it just seems that ever since I started college I just don't have any time to read for pleasure anymore. Some of that just comes with the collegiate territory. Some of it is my fault. I have mastered the art of Netflix/Crunchyroll binge watching. I figure I should siphon off some (read 'most') of that time and apply it to my first love: reading. I've come up with a list of 50 books I'll be reading this year, so hopefully I can pull it off! :)  
  • Write more: This past year I took a fiction class, which was really fun. It also gave me a bunch of material I want to work on. Which is nice, because it's been a couple years since I've felt really inspired. Hopefully this year I'll dust off and complete a couple projects I started, and make some headway on some new projects, including a novella!
  • Do more: This past year I realized I'd been wasting a bunch of time. I pretty much became your stereotypical internet denizen, except I didn't really make any posts on social media. I just lurked in the shadows and liked things. I also watched a ton of Netflix... and I mean a ton. I won't even bother mentioning the shows I went through because, quite frankly, it was ridiculous. Instead of that I want to do more things. Go out with friends more, do things I wouldn't normally do. Have fun, meet people, etc. I'm going to try and start a D&D group, so that should be a new experience! 
  • Get a job and move out: Graduation is in May, so the push is officially on for me to find a job. My goal is to find something in the way of teaching, which will be challenging since I'm looking into Classical schools and you just kind of have to pray for an opening. Then again, God has been super faithful for me with jobs and schooling opportunities in the past. They've never looked like what I expected, but they've always been what I've needed. But, if I get a good enough job I'll be able to move out which is equal parts scary and exciting. My friend and I have all sorts of lovely plans which would be great if we could carry out. I'm doing my part with resumes and job applications, so here's hoping!    
I hope all of you had a fabulous 2014, and I hope 2015 has even more excitement in store!!!!

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