Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Book Post

As a self proclaimed bibliophile, I've realized that I haven't actually made that many book posts on this blog. I've done things like book reviews, but I haven't made very many book appreciation posts. Also as a self proclaimed bibliophile I've decided that this cannot continue. I present now to you a masterwork I call crapy iPhone pictures of my books. Enjoy!
Here you can see my Tolkien shelf, which I find to be a perfectly lovely bookshelf. It is filled with rainbow colored paperbacks, and my super fancy editions of his main works. You can also see a tea cup I could find a place for, and an old knife (?) thing from world war 1 that is clearly Sting. 
These are the shelves that hold my classics. They are mostly paper backs, because as if right now that's all I can afford. But I think they're pretty. They're kept company by the Cinderella cross stitch I did, housed in the most ostentatious frame I could find, and my Batman shrine upon which I sacrifice small insects daily.
  Here is a rare view of the top of my desk and the books that (don't really) adorn it. Aren't thy lovely. Oh, what is that? Is that an example of what it looks like when I mark my books with the beautiful ex libris stamp I got for my birthday?
Yes. Yes it is. Isn't it beautiful? It has my name, and a knight, and a lady in a pretty dress, and trees. I love it, and now if anyone borrows my books ever again they will know whose book they stole when they inevitably don't return it. 

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