Saturday, January 17, 2015

Austin Day Two

Today for the first time I explored my very own state capital! I have to say, Austin is one of the most bizarre places I've ever been. Like, the people here really are as strange as the stereotype suggests. At the risk of being cliche, I've just gotta say: Austin is weird.

My friend and I are enjoying the last part of our break/ babysitting for her parents, so we took her little brothers downtown with us. First we stopped off at a Barnes and Noble since the little boys had gift cards. Although I usually don't buy things from B&N I just had to this time. There was an eight dollar collection of penny dreadfuls that includes the Sweeney Todd novel. So basically that book needed to join my library!!!! 
Isn't it glorious? 

Next we ate at a joint called Hut's Hamburgers, which did speciality hamburgers. Mine had sour cream in it, which wasn't dreadful, but I think I prefer ketchup and mustard! 

After that we wandered around the famous South Congress Boulevard. There were some interesting shops around there. There was a neat rare book shop. Sadly, nothing there caught my eye/ was affordable. Next we went to this giant odds and ends store ( I don't remember what it was called but it had a giant cowboy riding a rabbit on the sign. That was an experience. We hadn't even been there thirty seconds when I saved one of the little boys from accidentally picking up a set of very large, very adult, playing cards....... O.0 Thankfully the rest of the store had no objectionable knock knacks, and it was fun to poke around at all of the bizarre things.

Later today my friend and I stopped by the Disney store at the mall because we decides that we just couldn't live with out..... Tsum Tsums!!!!! That's right, I have the taste of an American five year old and also a Japanese school girl. But they're so cute!!!!!!!! I also found this super amazing Maleficent mug/goblet. Look at my prizes:
Look! I got pooh, Mickey, Donald. And Dumbo!!!!!!! And my mug even has the raven diablo on it!!!! 
I think the last of my Christmas money was well spent :)

Anyways, next the two of us are going to watch a Very Potter Sequel, and then, home tomorrow! See you then!

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