Saturday, March 2, 2013

Active Dinner: or just basically a good week

Every year for my sorority the actives get pledges (which I spoke about before). We get them a bunch of presents and love them and it's super fun. Then all of the pledges will put on a dinner for the active and give their 'bigs' a paddle so that we can beat them when they get out of line (lol, jk). This year our dinner's theme was Masquerade Ball. Above you see the mask that I made. I was going for a Robin theme (like Batman and Robin) so I used the design for Tim Drake's mask in Young Justice and fancified it a bit :) The dinner was good, my only complaint was that every sauce was spicy. I don't mind spicy things, but I was not expecting spicy barbecue sauce... that's all I'm saying. The pledges all did a fantastic job with limited funds, and the net was result was really fun!

Here is my beautiful little presenting me with my paddle!

Here is my intense excitement!

My little and me... let the mass picture tacking begin.

Hayleigh, Me, Lauren, and her little Cora :)

All the actives with their paddles. Let me tell you what. We were all opening our paddles and everyone was watching and all the actives were like.... 'well, this is embarrassing. I hope my big never looks at the paddle I made her again because we all sucked compared to this pledge class!'

Here's my paddle, proudly displayed on my wall. It was definitely one of the best. I was ecstatic. I think it's gorgeous :) 

Oh, and to top off a great couple of days my co-worker gave me this puppy on Wednesday. so yeah.... and I got books in the mail. That makes this essay writing weekend a bit better. If I can get through this week I can sleep in and read books over break! That's really all I had to say :/

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