Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Attack of the Killer Essays

 You know that feeling you get when your professors assign 7 essays all of which are due within the next week, and you have a midterm, and have to waste hours on a mandatory museum trip that you've already been on three times this year already? And you work 20 hours a week? And you feel like actually attending class keeps you from getting what you need to get done done? And you stop reading for class because you don't have enough time. And you're in a group for a project that's worth a large portion of your grade and a full half contribute nothing? And you are so intimidated by the mountain of work that's piled up you waste hours on pinterest so you don"t have to think about it which ultimately makes you feel worse?


Because that's how I've been feeling this week.

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  1. Oh, my yes about attending class getting in the way of school. It is so hard because my professors do know when people skip. I day dream my way through one of my classes. I really don't learn anything in it; I think tomorrow I will sit in the back and study for my midterms.

    I don't work twenty hours more like 7.5 sometimes a smidge more, but I have 7 classes and am terribly lazy natured but consider a B a failure and -A minus not much better.

    And avoiding piles of work because it seems impossible-how could you describe that better?! My stars I am doing that this very instant! I feel/know I cannot finish all my studying plus turn out a good paper because I procrastinated so badly so I procrastinate some more. Aaahhh!


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