Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sigma Phi Lambda: Big/Little Shennanigans

    In my college experience I've had the incredible opportunity to become part of a wonderful Christian sisterhood called Sigma Phi Lambda. I was never one to ever consider joining a sorority, and I'm still not I guess, but phi lamb is wonderfully different. It's a sisterhood of girls who love Christ and just want to help build each other up. It's fun and not competitive and catty like other sororities (note the generalized blanket statement). This year has been great because this is the first year that I get to have a little sister! The whole first week of our relationship she has no idea who I am, but I get to give her presents. It's called pamper me week. Then, on Tuesday it was our 'Big' Reveal and we finally got to meet each other in a Big/Little context instead of a 'Hey, I know who you are' context! I guess I just wanted to share some highlights from this fun week:

On the first day of pamper-me-week I gave her these. One is a shadowbox filled with sheet music from songs that she loves and the other is a wooden letter that I decorated for her. I must admit a selfish aspect in some of these. I really like making things and this was a perfect excuse to buy the supplies :)

The second day I gave her these. That picture is actually the template I drew to overlay on dictionary/old book pages. It's called 'upcyling' and if you've never heard of it here's an amazing etsy shop that sells them: Link. The not real picture is shown because I had already framed and wrapped the real one :/

Day four was this AMAZING journal and pens that I found. I was sorely tempted to keep these for myself... but I didn't. I still regret that choice. The really fun part of this (for me) was those little charms you see sticking out of the top if the journal if you look closely. I made velvet ribbon bookmarks and that was super easy and fun. Thank you pinterest! link

Day four was also the Big Reveal day!!! For my last present I knew my Little was obsessed with lambs (how fortuitous since we're in phi LAMB! HAHAHAHahahahahahah....) So, I cross-stitched her name on a lamb pattern and got her some lamby paraphernalia. :)

Annnnnnnnnnnnddddd the BIG Reveal!

I guess we like each other so that was cool... I guess :D

     So, that's all I really had to say about that. Sorry my posts have become increasingly sporadic, I'm doing school and working this semester which is a new challenge, but making money for a car is a good thing. Now that I have my schedule figured out I'll try to post more.

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