Monday, November 26, 2012


     So, I didn't post on Sunday but, again, I have a good excuse... It was my birthday!!!!!!! yay! So I spent the whole day with my family. It was wonderful :) Speaking of wonderful and magical things I did get a copy of Spenser's Faerie Queene as a present which was really exciting! But, enough of that and on with the themed update.

     There have been a lot of changes to my poor little poem. It is no longer rhymed, but is in blank verse. This is not because I dislike rhyme, it is merely because it is due sometime this week and blank verse takes significantly less time to write than Spenserian stanzas. But, I'm liking the plot more and more, even if I don't love the form. My only sadness comes from the fact that I simply don't have time to fit everything in that I want :/ Well, I thought I'd just do a quick update and then get back to finishing it! After this I have to edit a nine page essay due tomorrow and start working on finalizing a draft of a paper for Friday, and then this weekend I must simultaneously write an 8 page paper and study for exams... it's that time of year again 0.o In the meantime, here are two excerpts taken completely out of context.

      At this the lady Idhrenniel spoke,
“And just as I taught him, let me teach you.
I know very well this horn that you seek,                      160
And I shall tell you something of it.
You know, I’m sure, the story of the horn,
How long ago, it is said, there lived a
Beautiful Queene who was called Shusan
Who ruled your land under her elder brother,               165
Who in those days was hailed High King,
For this was a millennium ago
During the time known as your Golden Age.
Now, Shusan had in her possession
A horn of great power given to her                              170
By Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker,
Which, when blown, would always bring her aid.
One day, while hunting the magic white stag,
With her whole company did disappear!
But she left her horse and horn all behind.                    175
‘Tis said the horn was ta’en by an albatross
And hidden away for a day of great need
                And, when it’s blown, will assay all evil.

......You will stay here and learn all that my
Lord and I have to teach, thus armed you will              230
Return to your home and will with the words
Learned from the horn save all your land from
Evil. You will be like the mighty kings
Of old, and nothing will be impossible
If you desire it. If beasts attack                                     235
Your ships, you shall for days strive with them
And triumph by your strength. If giants do
Attack how can you fail to turn them back?
I’ll show you how to catch a falling star,
To get with child a mandrake root, to hear                   240
Mermaids singing, and what wind serves
To advance an honest mind, yes, all of
This power and more is all of yours. If only
You will stay and learn, your people will you save
For I know that for many years you have                      245
Been overrun by men of Telmair
Who persecute you strongly, but you can
Salvation be to all who live in your
                Fair country, and life will be well again. 

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