Sunday, November 18, 2012


 So, for today's update I thought I'd share a bit of the poem I'm working on for my British Literature class. It's still a bit rough, writing in rhyme and meter had always been a bit difficult for me, and the stanza form is freaking hard. I usually write poetry in unmetered quatrians :/ Still, here are the first three stanzas from my as of yet untitled work! 
Upon a road a lonely figure walked,
And a strange person he seemed to be,
Y’caldd in plain dress, he was of no rich stock.
Unarmed, he had only one small donkey
The which his few possessions carried.
His stature did betray his earthen blood,
And of the mountains had his mother been,
But his father was of mankind most bold
And his son, though small, was like the heroes of old.

Compelled was he to travel down this road,
So having been commanded in a dream;
His mind burdened with a heavy load
To seek an object hidden in a stream.
Of his search this object was the theme
That had slipped from history to legend:
The mighty horn of Shusan Queene
Which, when blown, is said for to send
The greatest heroes, who truth and life defend.

And when this unexpected dream was gone,
He did not dare to refuse the command
Given by the strange and lovely vision.
That very day he set forth from his land,
Though t’were not easy to take such a stand,
For life was good and he had many friends,
But he steeled his heart and set out from the land.
His heart to home no more could love he send,
                And when he left he knew he’d ne’er return again.

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