Thursday, March 8, 2012

Updates and Changes

So, today I was not able to go to classes due to an allergic reaction I experienced through the consumption of some, unidentified food substance. As a result I have been covered in hives and have been itching like mad. I must admit that I love this auto-immune response, because, if my body hadn't reacted like this, then the unknown food substance probably would have made some of my limbs fall off (my sarcasm hand is raised very high at the moment).

On the plus side, I was able to do some work on this blog, making it, in my opinion, much prettier and more fun to look at. Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated! I was also able to study for a midterm tomorrow! And be lonely... and itchy... sitting in my house all by myself... But that's enough about me. I'll probably start posting again next week, during spring break, but until then, please stare at this picture of a cute, fat, baby fairy:
Cartoons Wallpaper: Cute Fairy


  1. Poor dear! I hope you feel better!

    Your new blog look is delightful! Such pretty colors :)
    ~ Hayden

  2. Thanks Hayden :) I'm much less itchy today! And thatnks, I'm glad you like the design!


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