Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Sentence Movie Reviews January 2014

I suppose it's about time for another round of two sentence movie reviews - the game where I review movies I've seen recent(ish)ly and give my summarized opinion of them. The past couple months have been pretty good as far as films go for me. So, with that said, enjoy!

Thor 2: The Dark World
I did like this movie, but I thought that Thor was in it way to much. It would have been better if it had been called Loki. 31/2 gods of mischief out of 5

Hobbit Smaug Poster
I'd been waiting for this movie all year - the dwarves, King Thranduil, THAT DRAGON! As a die hard fan I had high expectations and Peter Jackson (for the most part) did not disappoint me. 4 1/2 party elks out of 5

A Christmas Story
This was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen in my life, and I'm really not sure exactly what I thought of it. There's a part of me that thought it was pretty funny, and another part of me that kept watching the screen in a horrified trance wondering what on earth was going on. 2 1/2 red rider bb guns out of 5????

I think it's a testament to the power and strength of this movie that I literally (and I mean literally figuratively) have not stopped singing the songs since I first saw it. This film had such a good plot and great characters and a wonderful message that I can't even... 5 icicles out of 5

Spirited Away
My Christmas gift to myself was just as good as I remember it being, even if no one else in my family thinks so (what do they know). Powerful storytelling from one of my favorite directors/ screenwriters/ artists. 4 & 9/10 soot sprites out of 5 

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger
Another strange an quirky Christmas movie from jolly old England. I'm not sure whether it was David Tennant, the adorable children, the 'A Dickens Christmas' song, or the English accents, but even though this was one of the strangest movies I've ever seen, I loved it. 4 ridiculous Christmas songs out of 5

The Day of the Doctor
Even though season 7 didn't live up to my expectations, the 50th anniversary did not disappoint. The show got a new direction and David Tennant got to be the Doctor again - I loved it. 4 awkward 'moments' (see what I did there) out of 5.

I'm usually all for campy effects, ridiculous plot lines, and bad acting, but this cult classic was missing something for me. It just didn't have the same punch as The Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal or The Neverending Story, I could go on. 3 marshmallow puff men out of 5. 

From the director of your childhood favorite The Lion King comes this bloody Shakespeare tragedy based on Ovid. It was so ridiculously brutal and sadistic that I was traumatized - but I loved it. *Warning* I know that it's Shakespeare, but it's early Shakespeare and it's super R rated for just about everything you can think of. There's murder and mutilation and sex and rape and incest (??) and everything. It's great (and I don't say that lightly given everything else), but watch at your own discretion. 4 bloody stumps out of 5.

The Taming of the Shrew
Was it misogynistic? - That's open for debate. Was I laughing almost the entire time? - Yes, yes I was. 4 shrill screeches out of 5.


  1. Frozen was amazing. Loved The Hobbit, liked Thor 2 and The Day of the Doctor; I understand exactly what you're talking about with A Christmas Story; I laugh almost the entire time during The Taming of the Shrew as well.

  2. "I ain't afraid of no ghost!" Lets see, I completely agree about Thor 2. Yeah. :) The Hobbit, wonderful... I love A Christmas Story, how could you think it's weird-- oh, yeah, cause it is. :D Still haven't seen Frozen... and it's killing me... Woah, a quirky Christmas comedy with David Tennant? Bring back Christmas so I can watch it! And the Doctor Who 50th, yep, overflowing with awesome. Fun post!

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  4. While I disagree about Thor: The Dark World (I thought it had plenty of Loki), I agree about The Hobbit and Frozen. I finally got to see the latter yesterday, and immediately bought the soundtrack on my way home from the theater.

    And you've reminded me that it's been probably 15 years since I saw Taming of the Shrew and I should remedy that.

    Titus... I couldn't eat meatloaf for months after that movie. And Ghostbusters underwhelmed me too. Seems like if you didn't see it as a kid, you don't have as much of a chance of loving it.

    And I've never managed to watch all of A Christmas Story because it's just so... off.

    (Sorry about the double posting -- my 4-year-old clicked "publish" in my absence before I was done writing my comments! Do not teach children how to use computers!)


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