Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Saints Day

Happy All Saints Day (observed) to you all. This is my first time ever celebrating it, and it has been an amazing experience :) Some business: due to a busy school schedule I haven't been very consistent in posting on this site. I plan to build up a queue over Christmas break, but until then, if you want to, you can check out my new tumblr account here. It;s like a smaller version of blogger that allows me to post my thoughts and interesting things I want to share with a time commitment that's friendly to busy college kids. Other than that I have nothing much to say. Please enjoy this quote from the Venerable Bede's All Saint's Day sermon:

"But above all these things is the being associated with the companies of angels and archangels, thrones and dominations, principalities and powers, and the enjoyment of the watches of all the celestial virtues—to behold the squadron of the saints, adorned with stars; the patriarchs, glittering with faith; the prophets, rejoicing in hope; the apostles, who in the twelve tribes of Israel, shall judge the whole world; the martyrs, decked with the purple diadems of victory; the virgins, also, with their wreaths of beauty. But of the King, who is in the midst, no words are able to speak. That beauty, that virtue, that glory, that magnificence, that majesty, surpasses every expression, every sense of the human mind. For it is greater than the glory of all saints; but to attain to that ineffable sight, and to be made radiant with the splendor of His countenance, it were worth while to suffer torment every day—it were worth while to endure hell itself for a season, so that we might behold Christ coming in glory, and be joined to the number of the saints; so is it not then well worth while to endure earthly sorrows, that we may be partakers of such good, and of such glory?"

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