Tuesday, July 3, 2012


     So, for the past 10 days I've been at Precept Ministry's Summer Camp in Tennessee. My brother and I flew back yesterday so we're both glad to be home. Camp was so amazing! Precept Ministries is a company founded by Jack and Kay Arthur who are famous, in Christian circles, for the publication of their inductive Bible studies which encourage Christians to study the word of God for themselves. Every summer they have a camp for 14-18 year olds who want to learn to study the Bible in-depth. It's really different from any other Christian camp that I've ever been to. We have a lot of fun, playing with sports and getting to know other Christian kids, but we also spend about 5 hours a day in the classroom delving into the word of God learning to study it for ourselves. I remember my days as a camper and the amazing things that we learned about God through His word. It's a fantastic ministry run by people who truly love the Lord and want to share His word with the world.

     This was my first year attending as a councilor instead of a camper so that was a huge change. I was actually support staff, which is different.  But God truly blessed the camp this year (as He does every year) and He's shown Himself in huge ways this past week. I want to get more into it, but I'll devote several posts to that, hopefully with pictures. As it is right now my brother and I have made it home, and now we're getting ready to have family over for Fourth of July celebrations. My mom recently got a pinterest so we've been crafting all sorts of neat things all morning in addition to all the unpacking and laundry and general cleaning that's been going down. All I can say is it's good to be home and I'm looking forward to the future :) 

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