Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two Sentence Movie Reviews: October 2014

I thought I'd do another one of these. I haven't really been watching movies latley, but there were a few I'd seen that were well suited to this abbreviated format! :)

The Secret of the Kells:
It has Irish paganism, Celtic Christianity, and beautifully illuminated manuscripts. There is literally nothing that you shouldn’t love in this quirky animated movie. 8 invading barbarians out of 10.

Justice League War:
I never fully realized how cool Wonder Woman was until I saw this film. I still hate Superman (but he was barely in it). 7 Batmans saving the day out of 10.

Guardians of the Galaxy:
I expected this movie to be fantastic and I was not disappointed. Rocket Raccoon and Groot are literally my bae (that’s how kids use that word, right?). 9.5 awesome mix tapes out of 10.

Like, omg, this teenage rom com totally turned out to be an early 2000’s adaptation of Emma. It was not horrible, and there’s something to be said for that. 6 awkward relationships out of 10.

Wreck it Ralph:
This was not my favorite Disney movie, but it was still super cute. You kept rooting for Ralph throughout the movie, even if some of the other characters were super awkward – plus, I can now answer those questions in QuizUp! 7 product placements out of 10.

The Lego Movie:
Um, I didn’t want to watch this movie, I thought there was absolutely no way it could ever possibly work, that it was literally the worst idea ever. Somehow they made it awesome, and I’m not sure how. 9 master builders out of 10.

The Amazing Spiderman 2:
Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is cute, and I really liked the soundtrack. It was ok, but not super memorable. 7 dead girlfriends out of 10.

Rio 2:
I discovered that Buster from Arrested Development voiced Blu. After about 10 minutes, however the novelty wore off – one was enough. 5 endangered species out of 10.

The Grand Budapest Hotel:
I watched this on a plane… so I have no idea if I can really recommend this movie… but the (probably) heavily edited version I saw was really good. It was so bizarre, and not the kind of comedy that I expected it to be, but it was a good movie. 8 cakes out of 10.

The Good Shepherd:
Ug, this made it on my top three least favorite movies ever list. It was just another long, pointless, pretentious piece of ‘artistic’ crap (I’m looking at you Blade Runner, 2001 Space Odyssey). 0 CSI agents 10 (no really, it was horrid). 


  1. I was a teen when Clueless came out. Like, anyone who doesn't get a kick out of that movie has to be way harsh.

    I just saw The Grand Budapest Hotel for the first time this month too. The not-edited version. Stick with the edited, but it was quite hilarious. "'Methinks me breathes me last!' cried the little piper boy!" "Thank you, thank you, dear, kind man." Yeeeeeeah, that's a wacky-but-quotable movie.

    But you disliked The Good Shepherd that much? I thought it was an amazing exploration of the idea "what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his soul?"

    1. Haha, yeah, The Good Shepherd was not my favorite. I think a lot of that was the context in which I watched it. It was late at night when I was in Oxford, and I'd wanted to watch a different movie, but it would only play in German, and no one could figure out how to use the stupid British technology, so we switched movies, and I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that. I didn't like the pacing of the movie, and I didn't feel like there was a real point to anything that happened. It's just not my cup of tea :) I also didn't like 2001 Space Odyssey, so see what that says about me!

      And I did like Grand Budapest Hotel. It certainly stuck with me, I'd like to watch it again someday. Maybe I'll be on an overnight flight again somewhere and this will magically pop up :)

    2. I don't like 2001: A Space Odyssey either. Pretentious bit of nonsense.

    3. Hey! It's not just me then! I'm the only person I know who didn't like that movie!!!!!


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