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Beautiful People - July 2014

So, for this month's Beautiful People I thought I'd do one that holds a special place in my heart - Adhara. Adhara is a twenty-six year old philologist, child prodigy, and over-all unpleasant human being. I love her. She also happens to be the host on whom Marfik, from June's edition, attaches himself. She is an INTJ and a sort of cold, brash intellectual. Her Enneagram Type is 5 and she probably fluctuates between a level 6 and 7. And yeah, on to the questions!

1) What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavor of chocolate!) 

Adhara’s favorite food is sweet buns, like they sell at festivals. They’re easy to munch on while you walk around and look at all the interesting merchant stalls and exhibitions. Plus, they taste awesome. As for chocolate, they don’t have that where she lives – but if they did I’m pretty sure she’d be a dark chocolate kind of girl.

2) What do they absolutely hate? 

She hates getting wet (She’s not one to go and play out in the rain). She also hates overly emotional people and sentimentality. And having the endings of books spoiled for her.

3) What do they enjoy learning about? 

She really, really, really loves myth and history. She doesn’t really see them as being that different and will often confuse the two, speaking authoritatively on how the real power behind the Sa’d al Bahri dynasty was a menacing water spirit, or casually mentioning the morning routines of demi-gods in academic conversations.

However, she loves learning about languages the best. She loves seeing the way words come together, and the different ways people say things allow them to think differently as well. She’s rather adept at learning languages, and prefers to master the dead one (for purely pretentious reasons). She’s currently the youngest expert in ancient tongues and curses at the relatively inexperienced age of twenty-six.

4) Who is the most influential person in their life? 

The most influential person in her life was her first tutor (Who does not have a name at this time). He was the language expert at the Scholar’s Guild where she was raised, and he taught her to love philology. He was also just generally a nice person who would put up with her arrogant attitude without encouraging it (Hey, it’s not easy being a child prodigy).

5) What is their childhood fear? 

She was (and still is to a certain, and more metaphysical extent) afraid of  the dark.

6) What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? 

She would love to illuminate a manuscript. She (secretly) thinks that the artists who bring manuscripts to life are just the coolest people ever. She works so hard translating things she’d love to illustrate them too. Alas, she realizes that she is terrible at drawing and that she would ruin anything she tried to take a hand to. She’s not even allowed to write the manuscripts, just translate them, and someone else, with better handwriting, will write them down.

7) What is something he is impractically afraid of? 

Well, I mean, most fears are, on some level, irrational. But I would probably go with public speaking. She’s an incredibly blunt person who’s not afraid to speak her mind in academic arguments and debates, but if you put her up in front of a whole bunch of people, she just can’t do it (well, she can, but she doesn’t want to).

8) Are they a night owl or morning person? 

She’s a night owl. She stays up until ungodly hours working and sleeps well past any decent hour.

9) Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid? 

She leaves most things unsaid. She’s not a particularly kind person, but she’s also smart enough to know that people don’t respond well to her unfiltered opinions. She tends to put up a false front – her people face – when dealing with strangers and acquaintances. However, with the very (very) few people she feels comfortable with, she’ll usually speak her mind (which is probably not for the best).

10) What are their nervous habits?

She chews her thumb nail and furrows her brow and things like that. She’ll also chew the inside of her lip – so chewing things. She’ll also become even more unpleasant and snap at most people around her.


  1. Hi! I've wandered over from the linkup :)

    Hmm, she sounds really interesting! What with the translating and languages and wishing to illustrate though she's terrible with the physical pen. It seems she's the kind of character you hate to love but love anyway. I'm intrigued. What's the book about? Is she the MC?

    "She also happens to be the host on whom Marfik, from June's edition, attaches himself. She is an INTJ and a sort of cold, brash intellectual. Her Enneagram Type is 5 and she probably fluctuates between a level 6 and 7."

    I read about Marfik, and I'm also quite intrigued by him. Actually, by this whole book, I think... its rather different and interesting. Particularly Marfik. (And I think it's cool you're naming your characters after stars!)

    I'd never heard of an Enneagram Type before, but I followed the link and found it, too, quite interesting. I love personality type things. (Before now, I'd only heard of the four-letter ones -- ISTP, ENTJ, those ones -- I forget what they're called, or something like that. And, of course, random personality quizzes.)

    So as I've said, I'm rather intrigue and quite interested in reading more!

    1. Thanks so much for your interest :) Adhara is certainly quite the character (she does get better as her character arc progresses, however). There's a big part of me that tried very hard to make her the main character, but good sense won out in the end and she's been relegated to a supporting role (still a major character though).

      As for what the book is about, I'm not entirely sure at this juncture. I'm still in the beginning phases of world-building. I do know, however, all the major characters. And I know It'll be a questing story. I'm not sure exactly for what yet, or why. I guess I'll figure that out once I have the world sorted :) I've already decided that if I ever publish it will be a very long time from now.

      And yeah, personality things are cool. I have a friend who's super into them and she showed me all that stuff. It's really useful for character development. Plus it's also fun to find your own personality and laugh at all the things that are true about you. INTJ one comes from the Meyers Briggs test. That one's one of the more scientific tests, in case you were interested.

      <3 <3 <3

    2. Hmm, sounds awesome! I know what you mean, though, it took me forever to get some semblance of recognizable story to my current WIP. These linkups are more helpful than you'd imagine, don't you think? I've learned so much simply by committing to answer a question or write a quick story. It's amazing, really.

      It's been quite some time since I last read a questing-type book/story. I do hope you find the what and why and everything else and get it written, and have a fantastic time doing it! After that happens, I'll join in the ensuing enthusiasm and read it.

      Yes, that's what I'd heard, that it's one of the best scientific personality tests. I found it was quite accurate. In fact, only one thing about my result was officially disputable. Which made it almost creepy, because...well, people aren't *that* predictable?! Haha. But I suppose we are in our own ways. Well, I'll stop with that line of thinking before I get my head spinning again... I'd rather it *not* explode, it's currently of use to me. ;)

  2. I read about Marfik, and I'm also quite intrigued by him. Actually, by this whole book, I think... its rather different and interesting. Particularly Marfik.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awesome! She sounds so interesting. I love the fact that she is into logic, mythology, and languages. I really like her character. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm not sure she would care one way or the other, but it makes me happy to hear you say that! :p

  4. Is it just me or is it interesting how most of the Beautiful People in this particular month are night owls?

    That said, I'm finding this character to be one of the most interesting ones yet. I'm not INTJ, but #2 and #7 sound remarkably familiar. I think this is a character I could connect with personality-wise. Good job on making an interesting, multi-faceted person.

    1. I was noticing that myself! And I agree that she's definitely an interesting, multifaceted person. I love it.

    2. Thanks so much! I'm not an INTJ either, but I personally love them. Considering that they're one of the rarest personality types, I tend to run into them a bit. One of my best friends happens to be an INTJ and I actually based some of Adhara's personality traits off of her (although my friend is an incredibly sweet person, not like Adhara!).

  5. That whole "illuminate a manuscript" is so seriously cool! I just love that picture too! Night owls FTW! And honestly I'm all about dark chocolate myself, so I can definitely connect to her there. ;)
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Thanks! I love illuminated manuscripts. The one I used is taken from the Book of Kells, which is gorgeous. And, haha, Adhara may be a nigh owl, but I am definitely a morning person so we would probably never see one another (you know, if she were real).


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