Monday, October 29, 2012


     So, for the longest time now I've been having a lot of trouble coming up with posts for this blog. Sometimes it's because I have waaaaaaaaay too much to say, and sometimes because I have nothing to say at all. So, since I mostly made this for myself anyways I've my discipline is somewhat lacking, like right now, I'm supposed to be working on another paper, but I'm doing this instead #irony? So, I guess it would be neat to give myself writing deadline goals that don't have grades attached to them if I fail (plus also they'll be fun!). So! Now to the challenge. Every month I'll give myself a theme (usually a literary one), and will attempt to post at least twice a week with that theme. Since October ends on Wednesday I guess I'll start with November. I can post on anything really as long as its in that theme and is of a reasonable length. My theme for the month of November will be......

Edmund Spencer's Faerie Queene (one of my most favoriteist books ever) Look for it in the month of November!

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